Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kuumbo has come to town!

As you probably noticed, I changed my blog look just a lot bit over the past week. I think this one is definitely spunkier and sassy, yet cool and calming. This is not at all a metaphor of me.

It has been months since I've posted anything on here and seeing as it's nigh 2 in the AM, I will make this quick and give you the rough draft of the first portion of my story. Let me warn you that although this may be a story about a giraffe, and stories about animals are generally categorized as children's books, this, however, is probably not a good book for kids, at least sweet innocent ones anyways. This is probably the kind of story that I would have loved when I was younger. It reminds me of the twists in Roald Dahl books ("Esio Trot" was one of my faves).

Without further ado, I give you the first tid bit of the story of Kuumbo, The Spotless Giraffe:

One day, on the grassy flat lands of Africa, a giraffe was born. As you may very well know, this is not an uncommon event in nature. Babies are born every day. What makes this newborn giraffe so special that I would deign write about him? Nothing. That's right, absolutely nothing. Nothing as in the little fella had no spots. Never before had anything like this happened in the whole history of all giraffe-dom. Not
even in the time when the trend among them was to get themselves so caked in mud, none of them could tell their mother from their cousin (they did this because they thought it was an entertaining thing to do, much like going to a masquerade ball. Giraffes love playing games with each other. This, however, caused some serious problems whenever their herd leader tried to give orders to the rest of the group. They all thought it was someone else pretending to be the leader so nothing ever got done. Needless to say, this fad only lasted a few years). The fact of the matter was this: a giraffe without spots is no giraffe at all.

There's two things that giraffes pride themselves on most in the world. First is their long necks, then their spots. This little baby's parents both had beautiful long necks and wonderful spots shaped like stars. When his parents realized that Kuumbo, which means "blank canvas", had not spots, his mother went into hysterics while is father
hung his head in shame.

"What do we do?!?! What do we do?!" Jiihare screamed. "I don't know, I just don't know." Blaa muttered while shaking his head.

A few minutes passed in the same shameful manner, neither coming up with anything more intelligible to say. Finally, Blaa turned to Jiihare and he said, "The herd will be expecting a very beautiful calf. We CANNOT show them this....Kuumbo." He said
with disgust. "We will just leave him, return to the herd and tell them it didn't work out."

Jiihare's breathing started to become more regular and her heart slowed down to a calmer beat. She regained a little bit more composure as this suggestion of Blaa's echoed in her mind. Finally she said, "Alright, excellent idea."

I will tell you something now which may come as a shock (or possibly not after what you just read); giraffes are not the most loving parents in the animal kingdom. Like koala bears, they look cute, but their not as nice as they appear.

Ok, there's the tragic beginning to this sad tale. Please please please please, constructive criticisms are greatly welcomed and desired. I still haven't figured out where I want the story to go at this juncture. I hope that you liked it just the tiniest bit though. Um, so yeah. And here is also the first picture of Kuumbo I made for this story.

Oh and to give an update on myself (this is for you Big10) I graduated! Yay! That's right folks, you're eyes aren't deceiving you. I finished my last every (or so my bank account hopes) class at ASU last week and now I'm official. I guess it's on to growing up eh? Meh, maybe a few months down the road.


Liz said...

Congratulations on graduating!! I wish I was done with school (3 more years to go and counting). When did you become a writer? I thought the story was great so far. I can't wait to see how it ends.

ShaunaMahana said...

Thanks Liz! I'm glad to see you've made it safely to the Blog-o-verse. Wow, 3 more years....I don't envy you much at all. When did I become a writer? Well I've always done a little bit of this, a little bit of that. I'm trying to develop my artistic talents a little more. I have lots of story ideas that I need to just write down before I forget them because I am getting old and memory loss is certainly setting in. I'm glad you liked it so far!

Tiffany said...

I love the little picture you drew :) Is blaa the mom or the dad? and is it really pronounced like "blah, blah, blah..."? I liked your beginning, it was very cute! Poor Kuumbo though...

Tiffany said...

ha ha..okay, duh Tiffany. I figured out who's who.

ShaunaMahana said...

Haha, Tiffany, you crack me up. Yes, it's supposed to be pronounced like "Blah". I thought it would be funny to have all the giraffe's with multiple same letters in their names like the word giraFFe (i.e. kUUmbo, blAA,jIIhare).

Smith Family said...

Very cute Shauna-- I think you definitely have a great start to a cute children's story...all the basics: a sweet animal that doesn't fit in, and well, that's pretty much all you need to write a children's book nowadays--you've got that AND a storyline! GREAT JORB! Now, I must admit Jiihare makes me think of jihad. Just saying.

ssquared said...

So uh, when are you finally going to commission me to paint that for you?

Darbi said...

I love your story idea, it is a great start. I think though you are trying to throw in too many details at the beginning which can confuse children. Such as the reference to the koala bears, athough adults can follow along, I think a child might get confused on if the story is about a giraffe or a koala?

What did you graduate in and when? Congrats to you!