Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wall Talkin'

(This is a repost from my myspace blog...with a few little embelishments)

I thought I was doing so good. People were calling me all the time, wanting to hang out or inviting me to their parties and whatnot. For some reason though, now, all the people I don't want to call me, like certain guys I've been avoiding for years, are the only ones who do (well, with a few exceptions). What, did I annoy everyone else? I try to keep a safe distance and not slug people too much.

Ok, what I'm really getting at is this: there are certain "friends of friends" who I thought were part of my first-string friends. So what do I do, I call them, email them, text them, whatever, just like I would with first-string friends. They respond in kind and we hang out, ya-da ya-da. But I musta' miscalculated them because lately I don't hear diddly squat from them. I'll send them a cool but not overbearing line about how I haven't seen them lately or how I watched a certain movie they told me to, or how I haven't punched as many people out of spite, or how my mouth hasn't been spewing out "poison darts" like it usually does. I'm trying to be a better friend all around and a nicer person in general. I guess it's just not working like I had hoped.

Are all blogs meant to be "venting space"? Is that their true destiny? Or their unescapable fate? How to the blog spaces really feel about how they're being used?

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