Monday, March 2, 2009

Letters From The Past

My latest fascination has been with personalized stationary. I don't have any, but I've been pining to get some. Funny thing is I hardly write letters by hand. Actually, I never do. I did, however, while cleaning the other come across some letters I had written but never sent. I wrote these about 4 years ago. One of them was interesting to I'm going to relay the contents of it to you:

Dated: May 1st, 2005

"Dear _____,

Happy May Day!!! What's May Day you ask? Well, I'm not even sure exactly what it's all about but I had a neighbor years ago who loved to celebrate anything; Kwanzaa, Administrative Assistants Day. You name is and she found a way to celebrate it. So for May Day, she would give us popcorn balls in little bags with road signs on the bag. Good times.

I also had a birthday last month. I'm now an oh-so-fabulous 22 years old. But 22 isn't really one of what I call the "landmark" birthdays. For example, 1. Being 1 year old is a huge thing. It means you've survived most of the perils that can befall infants. 8 is big because it's the Age of Accountability. From that point on, anything you say or do can and WILL be used against you in the courts of Heaven. 12 is big for boys. They can become a "Geek"-on (Deacon) and receive the Aaronic priesthood. The next landmark birthday is 16. This is special for several reasons. Obvious ones are you can get a drivers license and you're supposedly old enough to date. The IRS likes 16 because that's when you have to start shellin' out money for taxes. At 18 you become legal and go to college (some people, like you, start earlier). Then the grand 21. People outside of the church celebrate it just a bit more because at this point, they don't have to show fake ID's anymore. Then 25. If you live to 75, the you're a third of the way through this life at 25. 30 is next. You're supposed to be all grown up by 30. All the succeeding birthday "landmarks" fall every decade after 30 (if you make it to them, it's a big deal). That's just that way I think it goes. Oh, I almost forgot; 19 is big for boys as it is the mission age.

The weather here is PERFECT! Right now it's about 74 degrees outside. Just lovely. Obviously, this isn't going to last much longer though. I try to savor the last of these cool days by keeping the windows open at home or in the car."

That's the whole letter. What are your thoughts about "landmark" birthdays?


Can I get some frys with that shake? said...

Im way into this too.. But I do send an old fashion letter every now and again..

Heather said...

Shauna..... I love your blog... And you of course

Laura said...

AAAHHH! I didn't know you had a blog! I'm totally digging it! And I was pretty much over "landmark" birthdays by the time I was 16, when I realized it wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be. Now I can't even remember how old I am. I always have to ask Leland...