Thursday, January 3, 2008

The usual new years update

Yes, like all those people who send out "what's gone on in our family for the past year and you wouldn't really know this unless you have actually talked to or seen us in the past year" letters that often are included in Christmas cards, I too will give all of you, who I am sure have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for my next post, an update about myself. My friend, Mindy P., did something similar to this and I'm going to copy her idea. Some of this will be true, most of it won't, and some things I wish were true but haven't happened yet. So, in the spirit of those letters we love so much, I will also write one as if it were coming from my "family":

Hello Friends and Family!

We hope you had a fantastic holiday and hope that this
letter finds you in good health and spirits! Things around here have been so busy that we were a little remiss in getting these letters out in time for Christmas, but we still figured you'd like to start your year reading about how we're doing.

My husband, James, just finished law school at ASU. We're so proud of this accomplishment. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of time for him to take a break from school though since he will be taking the bar exam next month. He has been working for the District Attorney and will be promoted after we find the results from the bar exam in a few months. We know he will do a great job on the test! He is also serving as executive secretary in our ward and enjoys his opportunity to serve.

In October, I helped to start up a charity organization called "The Cinderella Project" where we collect donations of formal gowns to give to underprivileged young women so they can attend high school dances. It has been a roller coaster but once we get further along in it, I know we'll be able to help out more girls in the area. Like James, I too will be graduating from ASU in May with a bachelors in interdisciplinary studies in business and music. This degree has been a long time coming and my last semester I will spend interning for LuckyMan Productions, a.k.a. The Marquee Theatre in Tempe. This was my ideal intern site and can't wait to get started there.

Little Jaxon is not so little anymore, he turned 4 this year and is turning out to be a great help to his momma. He just loves to take care of his younger brother and makes sure that there's never a dull moment in the house. Jaxon would like you to know that "Trains are my favorite thing in the whole world." What a goofball (like his dad)! Jaxon also was a very good boy this year so Santa gave him a skateboard for Christmas. Not a day has gone by since that he hasn't begged and pleaded to go outside and play on it. His daddy keeps the video camera ready and films our "future Tony Hawk" in action. Boys will be boys.

Conrad is 2 now and certainly makes sure we remember that. He loves to play with our dog, Pilot, and the two of them are sometimes inseparable. He also loves to help mommy fold clothes and vacum the house. Like his mommy, he is a very musical little boy and is almost always singing a song of his own.

This space will be filled in next year for our next little one who is due in June. We don't know if it will be a boy or a girl, but the older brothers are very excited for its arrival, as are we.

We hope that things are going well for all of you. God bless!


James, Shauna, Jaxon, Conrad and (insert baby's name here) Marsden

The boys on the 4th of July. They love America!

Shauna and James at a Halloween "Hairspray" party. Isn't he dashing!

Now back to reality, but I must admit, wow! That was a lot of fun to write! Man, I'm going to have to remember that when some of these things actually start coming true. Really though, I hope all of you are well, drop me a line, or a comment, or a dime, anytime.



Meg said...

You have such beautiful children! I love it!

Amilee Farr said...

that was fantastic!!

ssquared said...

Pilot is MINE.
Just watch--I'm going to name the rat I'm going to get next year Pilot. And then he'll live for so long that when you get your dog, you won't be able to have the name Pilot and you'll hafta name it something else and then when Pilot dies, I'll get a dog and name him Pilot.

ShaunaMahana said...

Nice try Stace, since rats only live for about a year, you're going to lose.

Brandon and Camille Smithson said...

You crack me up!!! You are awesome!

a day in the life of kim price said...

LOL! maybe i should write one too so we can have the newsletter mormon showdown of who's the best momron family. oh the challenge is ON!

Brooke said...

You crack me up!!! You ROCK Shauna...I'm glad I saw your blog. Be sure to "Stop" by mine : )

Trevor and Chelsi said...

FINALLY you updated your blog!! it was wonderful to hear/read about your wonderful "family". fantastic letter Mrs. Marsden.

The Popes said...

so im a little slow but i checked my hotmail acct and found your cute email (from christmas)-lil slow i know but leading me here! and i'm so excited to know that you blog! contragts on the new life! your kids are beautiful definitely taking after you! too bad that husband of yours is always so busy or we could get together more!!